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Student Psychotherapeutic Unit

Unit dedicated to students aged 18 to 25

The unit is intended for any student facing situations of stress, demands, pressure, or even psychological crisis. Our care takes into account the school and university environment, which is characterized, among other things, by the need for performance and a considerable volume of work

With the student, our objectives are to:

  • provide personalized support for the problems encountered with targeted medical care.
  • allow for better management of stress and anxiety.
  • guide, support and advise him/her within his/her environment.
  • work on self-image and self-assertion.
  • help them limit the time they spend away from their studies and prevent relapses.

Multidisciplinary care

A team composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, specialized nurses and social workers is at the disposal of the student, according to his needs; He will then be able to benefit from / of :

  • an evaluation report
  • individual follow-up
  • therapeutic groups
  • family talks
  • psychometric tests
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