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Psychological Assessment Service

Cognitive impairments are very frequent with mental health problems, particularly when an episode persists over time or recurs.

These deficits can also remain during periods of remission and make therapy less effective, prevent the patient from going back to work, or make family life difficult.

They can detract from self-esteem and also be a factor in relapse.


In case of emergency

Emergency care and crisis monitoring are ensured from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 17:30.
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Our treatments are covered by basic health insurance LAMal

Personality structure evaluation

This service conducts personality assessments using projective tests, such as Rorschach or TAT, which are tools that help create an in-depth personality profile.

Neuropsychological evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation is used to investigate various cognitive functions (attention, memory, executive function, language, praxis, gnosis, intellectual performance, and information processing speed) with pen-and-paper and computer-based tests.

The neuropsychological evaluation has a number of goals, such as prevention, identification of problems, and professional career counselling or school counselling.

It can also help:

  • Establish a cognitive profile to understand the person’s functioning at a given point in time
  • Create a profile of the person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Study the effects of medication or therapy on cognitive function
  • Fine-tune a diagnosis


The assessment includes an interview, an evaluation over several meetings, and an oral and written synopsis of the results.

Cognitive remediation

Once the neuropsychological evaluation is complete, cognitive remediation may be started if difficulties have been identified.
Cognitive remediation is a computer-assisted therapy that reinforces impaired cognitive skills through work on individual goals. The goal is to help patients become more independent and improve their quality of life.

Evaluation of ADHD in adults

Studies estimate that 5% of the adult population lives with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and that over half of these individuals are not aware of their condition. Many adults with ADHD consult health care professionals for problems related to anxiety, mood disorders or relationships without realising that ADHD is the underlying cause of their condition.

The Psychological Assessment Service can conduct a diagnostic investigation of ADHD according to an established evaluation protocol.

Le Centre des Toises also provides guidance for people who are newly diagnosed with ADHD.  This support includes an introduction to medication, psychoeducation, and cognitive remediation.

Therapy process

A doctor, health care professional, school staff member, or patients themselves may request a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation by either going online or calling the reception at Le Centre des Toises.

The duration of the evaluation will depend on each person’s situation and needs.

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